About Us

We are the followers of Jesus Christ and are his disciplines. We are here to teach everyone coming here to love God and to worship Him. Our church is Christ-centered and we are on a mission to teach about God and how to love Him and everyone else. We want you to learn from us and share the news about Jesus Christ with others. We help you get rid of your problems by learning to love Christ and to serve Him. We impart you the knowledge to worship and serve God and also developing your spiritual senses. We will teach you to share all the good things about Christ and to have Faith in Him.

We are welcoming you to our Calvary Baptist Church as there is a place for you in our church. Everyone who wants to know about Christ and to fall in love with the Almighty must visit us. We have the best staff in our church to share with you all the good deeds and news of Christ. We will help you to develop a lifestyle of how to worship Christ. Our aim is to teach you on how you should devote your life to serve Christ. We are there to guide you on how to serve and grow. We will encourage you to obey the word of God and to start loving others. We will teach you to practice giftedness. We will prepare you to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to areas where people do not know him.