Voice Of God

Any person who has faith in God wants the guidance of the voice of God. Though many of us speak to God on a regular basis, we often fail to listen and to understand his voice. When we learn to hear the voice of God, we have the guidance of God to protect us and to show us the right path in life. God is in constant conversation with us. He gives us the guidance, but many of us fail to hear or recognize the Lord’s words. When we are busy with our daily activities we don`t have the time to listen to God’s voice. When we have a calm mind and spiritual ears when learn to recognize the Lord’s voice.

Voice Of God

Communication with God

Communication with God is through the spirit. God speaks through our thoughts and our spirits interpret these as the words of God. Most of the time, we miss these signals or impressions given by the God and think it as our personal thoughts. Another thing which prevents us from hearing Lord’s voice is that we try to connect with him only when we need his guidance. For example, when we face any critical situations or when we need to take important decisions in life. When frustration and confusion set in, we fail to hear the voice of God.

Relationship with God

You need to develop a constant relationship with God through your prayers. This will prepare you to hear what he is telling you. When you are close to God, you will be able to have conversations with him. You will feel how God is listening to you and how he is guiding you in life. These regular exchanges with God will help you to make the person God wants you to be. Praying to God, reading a holy book, learning from life all take you closer to God. You should remove unhealthy feelings and bad thoughts from your mind to communicate with God. When you wish for his guidance in a truthful manner, the Holy Spirit will fill your mind with the right thoughts that shows his ideas for you. With experience, you will be able to recognize God’s voice even when you are actively doing something. When you start to hear his voice, you will find yourself having peace, confidence, and happiness in life.