Why It Is Important To Abide In Christ?


You might have heard your Pastor preach that you should “abide in Christ”. Are you wondering as to what it means? Do you want to know if abiding in Christ will be of any benefit to you? Let’s explore this in detail to know its real meaning.


Vine and branches story

There is a lot of reference to vines and branches in all the illustrations of Jesus. This will help in understanding the relationship between the Lord and his believers. The branches can only bear fruit on it if they are abiding in the vine. The followers and believers of Christ must glorify Him through many people by aiding in Christ. The teachings of the same are part of John 15, where Jesus prepares his disciples to face a life without Him as his death is fast approaching.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he is that bear much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” This is what Jesus says in verse 5. Here, Jesus is referring himself to the vine and the branches as his believers. The Father is the gardener who looks after the branches. He will prune the branches so that they bear more fruits. The gardener removes the unfruitful branches to help the fruitful branches to bear more fruits. Here, the unfruitful branches are the nominal believers who follow God but do not bear the fruits. The fruitful branches are the true followers and believers of Jesus. They are looking to impart the good news of Christ to others.

The aspects of abiding

The following are the aspects of abiding in Jesus.

  •         Connecting with God

It is very important to establish a life-giving connection with God. The vine and the branch are dependent on each other and are interconnected. You need to establish a very good union with Christ to preach his teachings. The connection that you establish with the friends must be a mutual one. If there is no connection, then you will not be able to make good friends.

  •         Interdependence

The branch is the one that is dependent on the vine. The vine is the one that gives life and power to the branch. The branch will not live without the help and support of the vine. If you have a good connection with Christ, then you get all the God’s grace. You cannot do anything without the connection with Jesus.